With the success of online streaming platforms such as Netflix, HULU, Amazon Video, etc you have to wonder if these platforms are the way forward and are going to replace cinema entirely;

Here is a breakdown to what I believe are some of the pros and cons to both platforms:



  • PRO: The atmosphere at a cinema is thrilling and you can share the excitement of going to see a film with others, be it your friends, family or people you meet whilst you are there.
  • CON: Being in a room for hours filled with people can sometimes get uncomfortable.

Going out

  • PRO: It is always nice to go out with a group of people or on your own and have a good time.
  • CON: Travel can be expensive whether that is by bus, train, taxi or car.

Big screen and experiences

  • PRO: When you go to watch a film in the cinema you get to see the film on a big screen and with new technology it can be viewed and evenfelt differently, with some cinemas offering a movie experience where the seatsmove, you also have the option of 3D and even screens which take up all yourvision so all you can see is the film which can make it seem you are in themovie itself.
  • CON: All of this new technology comes at a price for the cinemas so the ticket prices can become more expensive.

Food & drink

  • PRO: At the cinema you want to get the FULL experience and can purchase food, like popcorn and a drink to go with it to add to the magic.
  • CON: Some smaller cinemas cannot offer as many varieties of food and drink as the larger chains and it can become expensive.

Comfy seating

  • PRO: Cinema seating is almost always comfy to sit in with fabric and leather seats and some cinemas also offer booster seats for the kids.
  • CON: The seats can become uncomfortable the longer the film.

Online Streaming


  • PRO: Most streaming services play at the highest quality that you can receive via your internet connection given you have the correct screen to view it on.
  • CON: Internet speeds vary in different areas and with different data transfer types.


  • PRO: You can have the freedom to play, pause and even rewind a film you are currently viewing, allowing you to make a drink or even go for some needed toilet time.
  • CON: If you are watching in a group you may have to wait for them to come back before you can press play again.

Private viewing

  • PRO: With streaming service’s you can watch a film in your own home and can have the freedom to sit around in your PJ’s, or not…if you prefer.
  • CON: You do not get the same buzz you would get by going to a cinema with loads of people to all share the same enjoyment.

Access to all

  • PRO: everyone can view the same film at the same time of day if needed, depending on region restrictions.
  • CON: Someone who is underage may still be able to view the film by ticking a box and say they are old enough.

One thought on “Is cinema dying?

  1. Very true. You just can’t recreate the thrill of being in a cinema room sharing the same experience with total strangers. I’ve always loved that.

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