Every movie has a poster to accompany it. These posters can be used for various needs such as marketing and funding.

Below I have answered some of the questions that you may have about movie posters:

Who creates the movie posters?

Posters are created by the graphic artists from the art department. Larger films have many artists working and certain people may be in charge of certain things like: on set art, posters, social art, etc.

Why do some movie poster have the wrong names over the wrong actors?

To answer this question, let’s look at the poster for ‘LIFE’(2017)

The actors names appear (in order) as:
Jake Gyllenhaal | Rebecca Ferguson | Ryan Reynolds

But the images appear (in order) as:
Ryan Reynolds | Jake Gyllenhaal | Rebecca Ferguson

This does not mean that the poster is wrong in anyway of it has been messed up by the graphic designer. There are several potential reasons for this, including but not limited to:

  • The actors contract states what order their name must appear on the poster.
  • The amount the actor gets paid.
  • The order of the image being used.
  • The popularity of their name.

Any of these reasons (or others) can cause the names not to match up with the images and if an image has been taken before any decision, it can change things.

Why the chunk of text at the bottom?

The bit of text at the bottom with all the names and titles on is called the ‘Billing’ this informs people of the main people that have been part of the film

Teaser Vs. Full Poster…

Most films have a teaser poster and a normal poster, the difference between the teaser poster and the normal poster is that the teaser poster comes out first to announce attract people to the film, this has no billing, just the title, date and the logos of the studio(s)

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